sample book design process:
Every book design project involves an exciting creative process and tools including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and art supplies as appropriate.  This process is briefly described below for my design of a client's novel SURF. It's my hope that this description clarifies the care and passion put into each project:​​​​​​​
Step One:
The process starts by reading the manuscript to find the most fitting and compelling visual concept. The manuscript snippets to the right include a metaphor I found most compelling for the design theme.
Step Two: 
Upon selection of the most optimal visual design concept, visual roughs are conceived and developed towards the goal of a cohesively integrated design for the book’s cover and interior. In this project, I first used watercolor, pencils and photographs to develop the visual of the author's metaphor chosen as my theme. 
Step Three: 
Upon client approval of my initial visual concepts, I next finalize my plan for an integrated cover and interior design from the chosen visual concept. I then draft the final cover design and begin bringing it to completion with input from the client. 
(This cover composite reflects the actual location and tone of the novel as well as two of the main characters, the pair of hawks in upper right corner.)
Step Four: 
Once the book cover design is established and in refinement, I lay out the interior, integrating the same visual concept throughout and typesetting all text elements.
Step Five: 
Both the Cover and Interior design files are refined and reviewed with the client until we agree they are ready to produce for the printer. At that point, I produce and submit the print-ready files to the printer; proof the print pdfs and a sample printed copy when the client chooses that desirable step; make any final changes or corrections if needed, and ultimately give final approval to the Printer.
From there, the book takes the printing and distribution routes chosen by the client, while I enjoy a couple of autographed copies for my portfolio and private collection. 
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