Time and again, clients graciously bespeak
my capacity to listen, get on the same page and pique . . .
Michael Steinberg, author and owner of Black Rain Press:
“I’m very grateful for Helena’s many book design and illustration contributions to my past five books over the past five years. Her sharp and imaginative eye always add that wow factor by creating covers that immediately capture the viewer’s attention, while her professional interiors maintain a skillfully cohesive integrity with the covers. Many thanks to her for all this and more in designing my books!”
Goetz Reinbold, Author of Through War And Wonders, My Life:
“Due to Helena’s eye for detail and design, my book is so much more than I envisioned. It is a professional piece of work in every way. I really appreciated all her input and especially the wonderful cover she created. Also, her patience in getting this to press quickly and all the last minute details she ironed out for me were truly wonderful. I loved working with her!”
Patrick Fields, Art Director of Free Market Warrior Press:
“We have been very pleased with Helena’s design and illustration of all four editions of our first book, plus a subsequent book. She is very flexible, talented, skillful, and capable of doing whatever is necessary to get the job done. She will save you money; she was very conscientious and creative in finding ways to add to and edit the original digitally deficient graphics, to prepare the designs in ways that allowed the minimum amount of modification to get it print-ready.”
Loren Spivack, Author and Owner of Free Market Warrior Press:
“Helena has more design sense than I could ever dream of; I just let her make the decisions, as her judgement is excellent. She also is hardworking, punctual and she has an eye for detail. She has helped me on several projects and I truly value having someone like Helena who can produce what I want efficiently, skillfully and without the hassle of dealing with a large company. I applaud and confidently recommend her. I keep coming back for more. So will you!”
Nina Dunhill, Art Director of Behind The Book Publications
"Helena did such a beautiful job with the Pollinator book. Behind The Book was so thrilled with the results of the creativity and care you ​​​​​​​invested that we ordered extra copies for our donors! The students were filled with pride (and awe!) when they saw their printed books.
Tina Morgan, Owner of Auntie M’s Childrens Book Publishing:
“Auntie M Children’s Books is so proud of Helena's promotional design work for us! Looks amazing - absolutely stunning, thanks to her!! Bravo!”
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